Building your email list is important to your business.  Collecting email leads can be done in many different ways, but mixing Internet lead generation with off line lead generation is often overlooked.

For example, I recently did a two day trade show.  We incorporated tools that we use online like a high value free offer, better engagement and educational slants that ended up netting us over 400 people that want to be added to our email list.

Now we spent thousands on this show and it was not easy, but when you consider the value of a targeted lead like this then you can see that is a very good value.

Keep in mind that we talked to people and they know they will be added to the list.  We will not blast them with sales because that would quickly hurt our relationship with the email leads we collected.

It is safe to assume that if you think out your strategy there is going to be a lot of off line ways to generate email leads for your business.