The biggest CRM Lead Generation mistake I see is that people think CRM systems will generate leads.  A good CRM will take a lead you have generated and put it through a manged process that will be measurable and more likely to close the deal if you have designed your CRM lead followup system well.

Another mistake I see with CRM’s as well as Lead Generation websites is that people give up too early or they stop improving the process.

The fact is, a key ingredient of marketing and lead generation is learning, testing your offer and adjusting your sales process or lead generation strategy to make it perform better.

In fact, not improving these processes may be one of the biggest factors that keep a very small business small.  Until you can master lead generation and sales, you can never have the confidence to grow your business.

Don’t make the common CRM Lead Generation mistakes of giving up after your first attempt.  Learn from your efforts and keep improving.