brainToday I want to write about something very important. Many people think they need more leads when in fact they really need better lead management. Lead generation without proper lead management is not extremely helpful. At the same time if you don’t have any leads coming in you won’t know if your lead management is working properly or not. So both of these things are very important to growing your business. In this article we are going to explore how to decide which area you need to improve now.

The first issue to address is the volume of your lead generation. Too many people think large numbers are better than small numbers of leads. But a large number of bad leads just consumes your time and does not produce sales for your business. If you have leads come in and already then you want to use automation to follow up with leads and to move them into different campaigns were you can present them with different messages and generate sales.

Buzzoodle has two services that it provides customers. The first one is a lead generation websites. The second one is a free CRM trial for 30 days for a lead management system that has fantastic workflow and lead nurturing built into it all at one low price. When you put these two things together you end up with a fast growing company. More leads, quality leads and better lead management are all central to getting the results you want.

The key with any lead management software is built in lead nurturing which in our system means automatically sending emails as well as automatically scheduling follow-up calls for your sales team. With complex workflow that’s easy to use, you are also able to move leads along rules and through your sales funnel in an efficient and tested manner.

I have used many CRMs has over the years. All had good and bad features. So more simple which was good but they lacked usefulness because they lacked nurturing and rules for automation. Others were very complex and powerful but were too expensive and difficult to customize. And the few that I did use that had nurturing did not work very well and we’re very expensive.

That is why when I found LeadMaster we immediately became a reseller of the system and again using it for ourselves to follow up and improve our sales process. I’ve seen this help grow many businesses and their client list includes very large organizations with thousands of users. Yet with cloud pricing and no long term commitment with a month to month payment plus a 30 day free CRM trial, there is no risk to try it and see if it works for you.

Here are some questions to ask yourself when considering whether you need more lead generation or better lead management.

1. Do you currently get leads every day?

2. Do you have a system to follow up with leads when you get them?

3. If you had more website traffic, would it result in more sales?

4. Do you have a lead capture form on your website?

5. Do you measure of the effectiveness of your sales process and continually try to improve it?

6. Does your sales team use a CRM with defined processes to move sales through the sales funnel?

7. If you had triple the leads would you be overwhelmed or do you have a system in place to manage them?

8. How many times do you follow up with the lead before you give up?

Many of these questions will help you decide if you should improve your sales process or focus on new lead generation. We’re happy to help you with either of these things. In fact some of our programs include both services for one monthly price. But if you only need to improve your sales process I encourage you to try the free CRM 30 day trial and see how lead nurturing and better lead management can grow your business and improve your sales process. For many people it is a game changer and has a huge impact on the overall sales team performance in a short period of time. When you sign up for the free CRM trial you do not need to put in a credit card or commit to anything other than giving the sales software a fair shot to help you grow.