Is B2B lead generation possible with Search Engine Optimization?

Of course it is, but you may not close the sale with your website.  Instead, you need to attract people in businesses that are researching how to solve a problem – when your company is the solution to that problem.  B2B leads are just like anything else – if people are out doing searches you can get them to your website.

But how do you get the B2B sales leads information?  Just because they visit your site does not mean they are going to call you.

While it will seem obvious to many veteran Internet Marketing people, many other people do not realize that simply asking people to sign up for a newsletter is not going to work.

Usually you have to offer the visiting potential lead something.

If you are B2C and sell pizza, it might be a great pizza coupon.

If you are B2B it might be a white paper or case study on how to solve a problem.  Now that is easier for some clients than others, of course.  If you are a machine shop what compelling white paper can you offer?  Maybe none that really will attract attention.

But when I have worked with B2B clients that wanted leads but did not have a good white paper topic, they do often find we become the number one source for traffic to their main website after a while.

That tells me that it works and it attracts interested, targeted people.  People that continue to explore the company that they have found.

Maybe it is not the massive B2B Lead Generation you hope for, but it can be an effective tool for almost any industry.