Effective lead generation online is going to be done through more than one tool.

The Internet is far more diverse than television, print or phone.

So if you are wondering how to generate leads online you should start by working your way backwards.

Step One is the end.  Why would someone become your lead?  What does a traditional lead’s profile look like?  Why do they want to talk to you?

Then ask yourself what you could offer them or say to them to get them to take action.  This is called the call to action and it is a critical part of successful lead generation online.

Next you want to work your way out to where that audience is finding information.  What are they searching on in search engines?  What forums are they joining?  Do they talk about things more on Twitter or FaceBook?

Then you craft lead generation strategies for all the avenues that could lead the right people to your call to action.  This could include adwords, SEO, social media sites, banner ads and more.

The fact is, there is no one perfect way to do lead generation.  It is all about reverse engineering how people find you and improving it in all avenues.