Believe it or not, generating traffic to an estate planner website is not very difficult.  Like most web strategies it takes a little time to get going but can become a strong estate planning lead generation strategy over time.

The more challenging part is to get your visitors to take action and request information from you.

How can you get a website visitor that is looking for help with estate planning to give you their information?

First, you have to build an estate planning lead generation blog and you need to understand that the best way to build trust is to be extremely helpful and publish information that will help people that are out shopping for estate planning and also position you as the best estate planner in the business.  One lead can be worth a lot of money to you so you want to take a slow, credible approach.  Do not use messy tactics that will hurt your reputation.

You want to be sure that every page has a clear call to action.  The call to action will be an offer of something for free in exchange for the visitor’s contact information.  What can you offer?

It depends on the value of one estate planning lead to you and what you have to give.  Here are some ideas:

  1. One hour estate planning phone consultation.
  2. Free lunch and estate planning review to people in your city.
  3. Free Estate Planning eBook
  4. Free estate planning guide

I am not going to kid you.  Getting people to give you their information is not as easy in the estate planning industry.  However, considering the high value of one estate planning lead you need to take a realistic approach to it and build your estate planning website over time.  It can pay off big.

Get help with your lead generation strategy.