The best free lead generation software in the world is WordPress.  However, WordPress is not just lead generation software.

First and foremost, it is blogging software.  It can be used as business blogging software but it can also be used to build a lead generation website that will attract buyers and convert them to leads.

But you need to know how to configure WordPress for lead generation.  You need to know the basics of how to optimize WordPress for SEO  (Search Engine Optimization).  You need to know how to do keyword research and integrate a CRM into your WordPress site in order to capture leads.

Without these things, your WordPress site will remain a normal blog.

With these things does well, I have seen a simple, nearly free lead generation blog produce six figure returns every month for companies.

Buzzoodle has step by step setup of your lead generation WordPress blog.  It has 9 different ways to create articles, and none of them are autoblogging (which would produce garbage) as well as link building tools, SERP reporting which weekly identifies your ranking for your keywords that are lead generation keywords.

And there are a lot more things in the system.

However, if you do not have a budget, you can always sign up for the free lead generation software which includes free lead generation videos, free lead generation software recommendations and a free lead generation WordPress theme.

It is a way to get started, but it is not the main system that will teach lead generation strategies in more detail and provide you with the tools to build a lead generation network and manage it effectively.  However, it is a great place to start and you will get a better idea of whether WordPress lead generation is the right choice for you.