One of our requirements for working with clients on lead generation is that they demonstrate an understanding of what to do with leads when they get them.  One lead is very valuable in most cases, but many people want to wait until it is convenient to get back to the person who wants to buy from them.  Here is a list of ways to close more sales from your existing lead generation efforts.

  1. Cold CallingFollow Up Same Day – People often  have short attention spans.  Do you really think they will remember filling in your form 3 days ago?
  2. Follow Up Same Hour – The fresher you are in the lead’s mind, the better chance of engaging with them in a meaningful way.
  3. Follow Up in 5 Minutes of Less – In many cases, you can get leads sent to your cell phone, and by simply clicking the number you can be talking to the new lead in under 30 seconds from the time they filled out the form.  When you do this, you are interrupting the research mode they are in, and improving your chance of closing the deal in a big way.  They never even get to go visit your competition.
  4. Follow Up by Phone – If you are not 100% comfortable with sales, you may be tempted in email them instead of call them.  However, an email is an extra step and an extra chance to not respond to you.  If you have the phone number, give them a call quickly.
  5. Follow Up after First Contact – Follow up again after the initial conversation with an email thanking them for the opportunity and providing them with some valuable information.
  6. Follow Up via Automated Marketing – Using a CRM, AutoResponder or Marketing Automation Platform like InfusionSoft to drip useful information to the lead over time.
  7. Follow Up Down the Road – Put it on your calendar or in your CRM.  Follow up with another call down the road.  A “no” today is not a “no” forever.

What do these all have in common?  Follow up, follow up, follow up.  If you want to close more sales from your existing lead generation efforts, improve your communication and follow up with your prospects.