How do you generate phone leads from the Internet?

It is not that hard with a solid Inbound Marketing strategy.

To generate phone leads, you need to clearly display your phone number on all pages in the top right hand corner and you need to give visitors a reason to call you.

Before thinking of the reason, first consider what your target keywords are.  If you sell one thing but your keywords target the problem and not the actual product, you would want to invite people to call you and have a discussion about the solution to their problem.

This does mean you may get some phone leads that are not ideal for you.  But it should also create more phone leads that are very interested in what you do.

The key to this strategy is to understand your target market, focus on ranking well for your target keywords and making your call to action a clear invitation for people to call you.  This works well but could take a few months to start getting traction.

Remember, phone leads from the Interent are not going to pour in.  But they can be very targeted and be a very good steady source of leads that are searching for what you have to offer.