Many businesses want to generate leads online.  Because Google has a lions share of the search traffic, it means that your lead generation strategy should start with SEO for Google.

Google Lead Generation is as simple as following some rules that search engine optimization strategists know.

1)  Content – To generate more Google lead generation results, be sure to produce at least 1-2 new pieces of origional content per week.

2) Inbound Links – Google lead generation depends on inbound links which add to the ranking of your search results.  Buzzoodle generates inbound links for you.

3) Social Media – Google search results are improved with social media.  Luckily, Buzzoodle integrates with Posterous which integrates with many social media sites, creating rich inbound social media links that are very helpful to your site ranking well.

These three simple things improve Google lead generation via higher ranking and more traffic that will get people to see your clear call to action.

If you are unsure of how these things work you should sign up for Buzzoodle and learn to build your own lead generation websites.