This article is general.  Obviously if you are selling B2B ink pens and we are talking about selling consumers luxury automobiles this does not exactly apply.

However, in general, I see some trends with the many lead generation clients we have that are fairly accurate.

#1 B2B is wanted but because many products in B2B have low search volume, it does not produce high results. 

On the other hand, things like steak restaurants and basement waterproofing can do really well.

#2 B2B needs a complete sales system.  You cannot just hope to generate leads.  You need a complex system, CRM, planned followup and maybe even dimensional marketing.

Consumer can make millions just offering a coupon.

This brings me to some interesting points.  People selling to consumer or mass market may not get big results in one day, but they do see a steady stream of small successes that keep momentum high.  For a big B2B sale you may give up before you get to the first sale.

This is not an arguement to stick to things forever.  But it is important to think about these issues before you begin and have a plan and have the right expectations.