If you want to generate Home Business Leads on the web I can tell you that it is possible but it is not as easy as many people will lead you to believe.

You can spend a fortune on Adwords and other pay per click processes.  But because of the cost and the high turn over for many home business products, you may find it difficult to generate a good ROI.

One of the keys to developing your successful lead generation strategy for an MLM or home business is to focus on building a list instead of trying to sell the product directly.  The reason for this is that the current product you are offering may not appeal to the home business lead but later you may add a new home business product to the mix which will be more appealing.  If you have a list to hit when you add that product you can get a faster start.

I started out experimenting with this whole strategy to generate MLM leads because a friend of mine wanted me to give it a try.  While I did not find the product good enough to keep people involved long term, I did hone the lead generation strategy to the point that we were getting leads almost every day that were free mlm leads and interested in what we had to offer.

Often I do not encourage MLM sellers to join our program because it does take time and work to develop the lead generation site.  You have to have a long term commitment and the product has to be worth the effort.  However, if you are part of a good home business or MLM that can generate high income then it probably is a good lead generation strategy for you.  Only you can make that call, but take a look at the lead generation program and consider your options.