Certain industries have it easier than others when it comes to lead generation.

For example, insurance lead generation is hard if you try to do it on a national scope.  Even state will be difficult.

But oddly enough, a lot of people search for a certain type of insurance in a local area.  And this is where the insurance lead generation can really be powerful for the local insurance broker.

For example, when I first bought business insurance I did not know what I needed, but I started doing searches on business insurance for the city we were located in.  To my surprise, it was hard to find and many of the sites looked very unprofessional.

I finally bought the local business insurance from someone I met via his website.

So is generating insurance leads easy or hard?  It depends on your approach.  Local insurance that might not be as common as car or home owners insurance can really be very powerful – especially in small to mid sized markets where there is not a lot of competition.

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