Often people want to know how to set up a marketing team.  Especially if you have a small budget, setting up a marketing team can be very challenging.

Before worrying about a marketing team you might want to worry about your marketing plan.  You should not hire people until you know what skills you are looking for and what experience is valuable.

Setting up a marketing team also requires setting clear goals and milestones.  I was recently at a meeting where I met a corporate marketing team that was very savvy, had a web expert, but they were not using their time well.  They did not have a clear plan

This illustrates what we always say about deciding if you want to focus on lead generation, sales or list building as a marketing outcome.  There are a lot of options and some very good marketers may still not be the best fit for your marketing team.  Decide what you want to accomplish first and then set up your marketing team with clear goals on getting the job done.