We get a lot of people visiting and signing up for Buzzoodle because they want to start a lead generation company.

While we can be a very important cog in this effort, you have to be realistic.  In some cases, after a couple of months, our system has been reported to generate 7 figure annual lead value.  However, that was to companies that were getting the leads directly and that was the value to the companies according to their estimates over the lifetime of the customer if they closed them.

What does that mean?

That means a lead may have a value of $100,000 estimated to a company – but if you are selling leads for $10 – then that same lead is only worth $10 to you.

So while a company that places a high value on a lead may see 10 leads in a month as worth $1,000,000 – to you selling that lead you may see the same ten leads as worth $100 and not worth the effort.

 – Value of leads and number of leads are only hypothetical and vary greatly based on effort, industry and competition, among other things. –

Does this mean you should not start a lead generation company?

That depends.  If you have unrealistic expectations of the effort it will take, or of the fact that you will need to invest in many types of marketing, then you will probably give up before you become successful.  You would probably be better off making money through affiliate sales or CPA offers that are similar but easier as you do not have to build up a network of people buying the leads.

But if your dream is to master the craft of lead generation and grow a serious business based on generating leads and selling them directly, then I certainly wish you luck and hope you consider Buzzoodle PART of your lead generation strategy.

BTW:  Buzzoodle works well for affiliate sites and CPA lead generation as well, but just like we mentioned above, it is only one part and you would be leaving money on the table if you did not explore other areas of marketing as well.