Sometimes it may be hard to come up with post ideas for Google lead generation or even to attract long term readers of your blog.

Business blogging software like wordpress will help you manage your blog easily. WordPress allows you to write an article for you blog, and post it immediately within seconds. But if you need to generate leads for your business, then you need to target specific keywords that will convert to visitors and help in generating leads. These type of keywords will be more long tail keywords that don’t get millions of searches, but will be better for converting once you get to the top of search engine results.

Business Blogging Software

There are many business blogging software soultions that you can use to create a blog.  WordPress is the best.  And with Buzzoodle you can manage your blog easily and effectively. Once you install those free software programs to your hosting provider, you will be able to create any articles you need and post them on your blog to view to the world.

Generating Leads

In order to generate leads, you either need to buy traffic (via pay per click), or you can rank in the search engines for keywords that will generate leads for your business.  While buying leads via pay per click is faster, business blogging for SEO is a better long term value.

How do you start to rank in search engines? Article and Links. Links to your website from other websites will get you ranked for whatever long tail keywords you choose to go for if you also have articles using those keywords.

Step 1: Choose your keywords. You should choose something that someone would search for when they are looking for your product or service.

Step 2: Write an article about the product or service with links pointing to the product or service.

Step 3: Get links. You need to get links from other websites to the blog post you wrote about the product or service you are offering. This will get that page ranked in the search engines, thus, bringing in free qualified traffic that will be willing and ready to buy.