Why is Inbound Marketing more effective than other forms of marketing for many industries?

Simple.  Inbound Marketing has higher trust right off the bat.

If you are working on lead generation strategies and you are pushing your message out and interrupting people, you are going to be ignored and shut out by most of the people you interrupt.

On the other hand, if you lay the groundwork with a great business blog and you put out good information, you are going to attract people that are looking for what you have to offer and because they came to you, you will get their attention.

This is why Inbound Marketing is the preferred lead generation technique, especially when it comes to small business Internet Marketing.  Smaller businesses do not have a chance advertising in traditional ways against their much bigger competitors.  But using inbound marketing techniques, a smaller business can become a valuable resource to prospective buyers and there is a good chance the bigger companies will never even realize what happened.

You should try many types of lead generation techniques to see what works well for you.  But you owe it to yourself to give Inbound Marketing with Blogs a try.