New Internet Marketing Software is released by someone every week.  Trust me, you cannot keep up with all the options.  I have tried.

However, there are some fundamentals that everyone agrees on.

First, to get good SEO results in Internet Marketing and SEO most experts agree that the free, open source content management sofware WordPress is hands down the best.  Easy to set up, flexible and it will help you rank better.

Next, there are some other free Internet Marketing software tools you need to get, such as Google Analytics.  This will help you track your Internet Marketing results.

So is all Internet Marketing Software Free?

No.  There are some things that are worth paying for.

The first one is your list building system.  I have used aWeber for years and have gotten great results with it.

Next, you should look at what your goals are.  If you want to produce more organic, free traffic then you should manage your WordPress site with a tool like our lead generation system.

The main thing with Internet Marketing software is to know what your strategy is before you start buying tools.  You would not want to buy a Twitter automation tool if you are trying to build quality relationships, for example.

Internet Marketing software is only good if it contributes to your online marketing goals.  And if it does not, then it may be best not be get sidetracked by it.