Many companies struggle with creating quality blog content.  Even though they know that blogging regularly improves search engine optimization, traffic and lead generation, it is often something they put off.

Instead of writing all the content yourself, you can use interviews to create high quality content in less time and also improve lead generation as well as back links and good will.

For example, you reach out to one of your vendors or customers.  You ask to interview them for your company blog.  They agree and you send them 5 questions.  They may write a paragraph on each question, so now you are getting very good quality content written for you.

Next, you include a short bio (written by them) and you post it, encouraging them to send it to their friends and maybe back linking to it from their website.

This is good publicity for the person you interviewed.  People are usually happy you asked.  And it makes your job easier by writing less and getting more content.

From a search engine perspective, you now have rich keywords and a different vocabulary that broaden you terms used on your site and result in ranking and traffic from new terms over time.

Plus, as you do more and more interviews, peppered with original content by you as well, you end up with a more robust site that people want to come back to and keep an eye on.

Bonus:  Interviewing is not just about getting free quality lead generation content for you blog.  It is about relationships.  You can also keep an email list of people you have interviewed and let them know every time a new interview is posted.  This keeps those people engaged with you as well as helps them get to know more new people and network between each other.  It is truly a win win.