Is Internet Marketing A Profitable Business?


I’ve been hearing a lot recently of internet marketing, adsense, affiliate programmes, clickbank etc.
Are any of these a good investment of time and effort regarding making a living wage?

Many thanks.

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The key is to have an actual thing to sell that makes you money.  I find that Internet Marketing is more profitable for businesses that already have a serious product and are using the Internet for online sales or lead generation.

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it’s not a stand alone business – it’s what you do to promote your website (which, unless you are selling real products or services, you would have nothing to promote) and very few people in the world make living wage running a website business

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you get paid MONTHLY everytime your Customers pay their cellphone bill.
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I’ve been an internet marketer for over 2 years and although I have found it to be profitable, I must honestly say that it is “NOT A GET RICH QUICK SCHEME”. It has taken me over 3 years to get to $3000 a month in residual income and I still don’t know everything I need to know.

Just be aware that there is a lot to learn and you must work very hard to make your business a profitable one and you can’t give up – no matter what. The best way to make a “livable wage” is to learn about all the popular marketing methods and then specialize in one until you understand how it works and have perfected your technique. For instance, my specialty is article marketing and niche content creation. I make my money building niche sites and marketing products and services through article marketing. Although I dibble and dabble in CPA and other techniques, this is my bread and butter techniques.

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