It can be a lot of work to build a successful lead generation website.  That is why you need to carefully consider your lead capture software.

Failure to get a good lead capture software solution in place can result in lost sales and lost income.

I really love WordPress to build lead generation websites.  Our entire model is built around lead generation wordpress websites.

However, I usually tell people not to use WordPress Plugins for lead generation because in my years of experience they can stop working and you may not realize it until months after your leads have all become stale. The reasons this can happen are because these plugins are usually free and you have no idea of the quality.  But alone this would be a simple situation of testing the plug in well.  Another issue is that your lead generation WordPress plugin, whether just a contact us form or something more complex, may work fine until the next WordPress upgrade.  These upgrades could render your plugin non-functioning and cause problems with your lead generation.

So what is the solution?

Third party lead capture software that can be integrated into the site is safer and can be more effective.

Which one you choose depends on your strategy.

For basic lead capture I like an autoresponder like aWeber.  The capture and followup of this lead generation software is excellent and easy to set up and add to your WordPress lead generation theme.

Another option is to build a database with something like this free online relational database company.

And other obvious options are using a CRM for lead capture such as Zoho or Salesforce.

Lastly, if you just need something quick you can always add a simple form from Google docs.  Just build the Google spreadsheet first and then create a form for the spreadsheet.

These are just some of the simple ways to use lead capture software without commiting to WordPress lead capture software.