Here is a checklist of lead generation issues you want to consider.  This article assumes you would like to generate inbound marketing leads which is when people do a search and find your organization because it is ranked highly in search results.

  1. Know Your Keywords – Do you know the keywords that will generate buyers to your site?  Do they have too much competition?
  2. Write Frequently – Have a lead generation business blog that you can use to create frequent keyword rich articles.
  3. Clear Call to Action – Make it obvious what you want the visitor to do on every page of your site.
  4. Backlinks – You can use many backlink strategies to create more ways for people to find you, including Buzzoodle which generates backlinks for your site.
  5. Phone Number – If you want calls, be certain your phone number is in the upper right of your site where people will look for it.
  6. Get the basic search optimization done – with WordPress lead generation this is easy with some SEO plugins.
  7. Be broad – Have multiple sites and do not give up too early.  This lead generation strategy takes months to really get going and some targets perform better than others, so set up multiple sites, multiple kinds of keyword targets and give it enough time to start working.

Online lead generation is not difficult.  However, you need to pay attention to all the details and be realistic about how quickly it is going to work.