How do you fail at lead generation?

Really the rules around how to succeed or fail at lead generation are the same rules as many other parts of life.  Here are some key rules that will influence your success or lack there of.

  1. Giving Up Quickly – Life very rarely hands you success fast and easy.  If you pick a lead generation strategy, stick to it long enough to see if it is going to work.  Do not talk yourself out of it just because it is not instant.
  2. Ask, Ask, Ask – You are only going to generate leads if you ask for the lead.  Make a clear call to action and give your audience something of value and they will not mind you (nicely) trying to sell them something in the future.
  3. Refine – Just because you are getting some results does not mean you stop improving the process.  By refining your message and lead generation strategy you may get much better results later on.
  4. Know what you want – Do not try to get a broad audience with broad services.  Avoid the “we do anything” mentality.  The more specific you are about what you do well and how you can help people, the more people understand you and want to buy from you.

Of course these are just four to get you started, but they are big ones.  Lead generation failure starts when you break those rules.