The lead generation lead time on a lead generation strategy like Buzzoodle is on average a couple of months.  There are a lot of factors, of course.

Existing domains can get much faster traffic and leads.

How much time you take launching the effort will be a factor.  The clock is not ticking on your effort until you launch your lead generation blog with a few articles and get them indexed in the search engines.

And the effort to get links and articles up there is going to impact whether you get fast lead generation or slow.

Lastly, you need to have done proper keyword research to attract the right people and also have a clear call to action to generate leads effectively on the web.

This becomes a big issue with companies that are seasonal because they must devote time and money BEFORE they want leads, which is usually their slow, lean time.  The good thing is they have the time to write some articles and work on building a great lead system.

Here are a list of some of the companies that need to get out in front on their lead generation effort.

  • Start building your lead generation website in the fall if you want Spring waterproofing leads.
  • Same goes for roofing leads, landscaping leads, swimming pool leads, driveway paving leads and any other kind of outdoor leads for home improvement.
  • Outdoor things like golf leads, kayaking leads, kids camp leads can all be generated as well but you should start in the off season.
  • Ski Lodge leads, snow removal companies, furnace cleaning leads and furnace repair leads also should start in early spring to be ready for colder weather.

Does this mean you should wait to get started if you are in your prime season right now?

Yes, if you are too busy to work on your lead generation effort.  If you have the time to work on it and you want to start right away it could generate leads for you quickly, but the number will be much lower than the next year, assuming you keep at the effort and build up a powerful lead generation website.