With the rise of FaceBook you might think that you need to move from SEO for Search Engines into the area of FaceBook Advertising.

The important thing to remember is that it is never an either/or option.  SEO will be important for a long time because searching for information on Google is what people do when they are doing research when they are thinking about buying something.

FaceBook is where people go to be social and have fun.  Some products will perform well when advertised in this environment but many will not.  The good thing is that FaceBook advertising is fairly inexpensive.  The bad thing is that, while it may produce a lot of visitors, it will not be a good source of quality lead generation in many cases.

Does that mean you should not try it?  Of course not.  However, do not just jump from trend to trend in marketing.  Measure your lead generation activity and know where your leads are coming from.  Understand the up front commitment for lead strategies and make sure you give things a fair chance, but pull the plug if they do not bring in a positive ROI.

FaceBook lead generation can work for the right kind of business, but it will not work for many types of businesses.  Be smart with your marketing dollars and demand the best from your marketing strategies.