Are you looking or online lead generation?  You are not alone.  Everyone thinks that online lead generation is the way to go, and it is.  However, because of the low costs of lead generation online as well as the ease of execution, you will find that you have a lot of competition in this areas in any industry.

But I have some good news for you as well.  Most people are trying to do it themselves and they think it should happen quickly.  That means that people will try one online lead generation strategy for a few weeks and then give up.  The people that have success online with lead generation are the people that have a long term lead generation stategy and they continue to execute it over time.

Because I work with many clients in this area, I can tell you this is the most important thing.  People will ask, “How long should it take” but it is not the correct question because it depends on the competition and a little bit of luck in your particlular industry.  I have seen people get results in week and other not get very good results even after six months, but it is not a question on the online lead generation strategy.  It is a question of commitment, industry and long term effort.

You can succeed with lead generation online but remember the winners are the people that keep at it and set goals and measure results.