The goal of any marketer or business owner is to grow a profitable business.  To do this, you need to build efficient, effective systems.

Not one system, but systems that work together and have a clear goal for each system.

How well you define the goal and steps of each system will have a big impact on how well the system performs.  For example, if you build a marketing system that’s goal is to use marketing to generate sales, you are being too broad.

However, if you break marketing into many smaller systems and measure each one, then you will build systems and know the marketing ROI of each system and be able to effectively grow your business.

That is why I always stress to people that building a lead generation website is not the goal, and it is not your only form of marketing.  It is not a savior.  It is one system of what should be many systems you have in play.

In the lead generation website strategy, you measure things like:

  • % of leads generated vs # of visitors
  • SERP – Where you rank in search engines for targeted keywords
  • Traffic – How many people are coming to your site and how many pages do they visit.
  • Sales – Actual ROI on the system.

Just remember, if your lead generation website is producting traffic but not sales, it does not mean your site is a bad strategy.  It may mean that your call to action is weak or your closing sales process is not good.  Any given part of the system that is not good can cause the entire system to fail.