Years ago lead generation with SEO was not that difficult. Some on page optimization, some backlinks and your phone would start ringing.

Now it is just as easy, but the problem is that it is far more time consuming.  Not in any given week.  What I mean is you now need to have an ongoing content marketing strategy that is a long, ongoing effort.  For this reason, it is harder for smaller companies to get ranked and stay ranked.

However, for a bigger company that can invest in it, Lead Generation with SEO is still a very viable strategy.  What has changed?

  • You now need longer, better quality articles.
  • You need to publish new, unique articles very regularly.  Even more so than before.
  • You now need a clear, long keyword phrase as your target for each article.
  • You spend a lot more time in analytics looking at on site data such as entry and exit points, time on site, etc.
  • You now need to spend as much on social and video content to boost your site.
  • To generate leads with SEO you need to focus less on being number one for a few keywords and worry more about the comprehensive flood of good quality content over an extended period of time about topics interesting to your ideal lead.
  • You must analyze your site visitors and identify content creating roadblocks and exit points and fix them.  Better conversion of leads is just as important as more website traffic.

Some years ago we stopped offering “SEO services” because just trying to optimize a little content to temporarily boost ranking of some pages for particular keyword phrases became less valuable.  Smaller business owners would assume some changes would be a gold mine for them, and it simply is not true anymore.

What is true if people who invest in educating their marketplace over the course of years in a highly consistent and high impact way will see a steady supply of interested visitors coming to their website and asking for more information.  But you need to invest in a full time staff to do it, or hire multiple freelancers to provide steady content or hire an agency like Buzzoodle to oversee full content management and track results.  The reason the agency model is the best model for lead generation with SEO is that you are getting a team of people with different skill sets for the cost of hiring one full time person typically.

To do it yourself you would need to hire people who know:

  • Writing for SEO and Lead Generation
  • Sales Psycologist
  • Landing Page Designer
  • Video Expert
  • Data Analyst
  • Technical expert
  • CRM Specialist
  • Magazine publisher
  • and more areas of skill.

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