Lead generation with WordPress is a great strategy.  WordPress is really the perfect lead generation strategy because it is flexible, gets great search engine optimization results, can be customized to your exact call to action and can look any way you choose with a bit of work.

Five WordPress Lead Generation Tips

WordPress Lead Generation Tip #1

Use the WordPress Lead Generation plugins from the lead generation system.  These plugins are not actually called lead generation plugins.  Instead, they are a group of free plugins that are important to your WordPress lead generation strategy.  They improve SEO as well as improve call to action and lead generation.

WordPress Lead Generation Tip #2

Write with keywords in mind.  When you write articles you need to know what your valuable keywords are.  By using these keywords in your article titles and body, you will generate a lot more targeted leads to your WordPress lead generation site.  See the free keyword research video for more information.

WordPress Lead Generation Tip #3

Linking is more than half the battle.  Having a great, keyword optimized WordPress lead generation website is only have the battle.  You need to generate keyword specific links back to your site from other credible resources.  That is why we built our system to include a lead generation link campaign with all accounts.  Most people can write articles themselves but will not take the time to do the linking, and sites fail without this.

WordPress Lead Generation Tip #4

Hard Code Lead Generation into WordPress – We built our lead generation WordPress themes to use include files that allow clients to hard code the lead generation parts into the theme.  This allows them to launch additional lead generation WordPress sites in minutes after the first one is built.  And multiple lead generation blogs mean multiple sources of leads.

WordPress Lead Generation Tip #5

Volume matters when it comes to lead generation.  Find ways to write faster and better.    More sites, more articles and more links will get more results as long as you are not using a service that gets you banned from the search engines.  Don’t look for the cheap, spammy solution.  Find something that makes everything faster and easier while keeping the effort ethical and safe for your WordPress lead generation sites.