How do you make money with WordPress?

First, what is WordPress?  WordPress is blogging software that is open source and can be set up to run blogs and websites by anyone.  Some big hosting companies offer one click Worpress installs and that makes it easy to set up.

Then when you log into WordPress you will see that you can change the theme, add plugins and move around widgets to do anything you want with no coding experience.

But using WordPress to make money is not obvious.

For example, simply having a site does not get you traffic.  WordPress is well structured and gets great search engine results but it takes time and it does require a small amount of specialized knowledge.

The best way for a company to make money with WordPress is to set up lead generation WordPress sites.  With the increase in leads, I have seen businesses get millions in new leads in very short periods of time.  Of course this depends on your product or service and the competition in your industry.  However, even things I did not think would work well generated leads better than I expected after some effort.

The fact is, making money with WordPress is just like making money on the Internet.  You have to use the tools and keep perfecting the process to increase your effectiveness to improve your income.

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