The advantages of Marketing SEO Services with a blog is that blogs are the best SEO tools out there.  They give you the ability to regularly post SEO rich content and if you set them up correctly they can rank high for your keywords.

Using the Buzzoodle product in Marketing your SEO services can help you a great deal.  We have a lead generation focus that is measurable and focuses on a positive marketing ROI to demonstrate it’s value.

Our tool makes it easier for you in marketing SEO services because it gives you a clear guide and plan for profits and search ranking targets that you can deliver to your client.

Since we charge one low rate and you can add multiple sites into the system you will be able to out a number of SEO clients in the system and manage their blogs, rank their target keywords and aggressively write SEO content for thier sites that will get them ranked well.

This proven SEO tool is a powerful way for you to better package your SEO services and improve your marketing SEO efforts.