Online Lead Generation is this more effective than telemarketing?


Telemarketing is one way of getting leads for my business. Are Online Lead Generation Service more effective and efficient?

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Yes.  That is why we developed (and continue to develop) the Buzzoodle lead generation system. It is a way for people to build lead generation websites that continue to produce results far into the future.  Even if they do not stay with our system they will continue to gain the benefits of the work they did.

Also, it is a great way to sell during non business hours.  Even if you are doing cold calling during business hours.

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There are some really great tools online to help people find your website and convert them into customers. Hubspot has a great track record and plenty of good tools to get you started. In my opinion, it’s a better use of your time to create the tools to bring people to you rather than you calling and taking people through a process that can be automated. Cheers.
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neither is worth a damn

go out and cold call sell; as i did; I earned a world record.

find unmet needs and fill them. stop selling and solve the client’s problems

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If there’s people already looking for products or services like yours on the internet, online lead generation based on search marketing is the best option. Telemarketing is a very good element to follow up on those leads. When people are searching on the internet for products, it is more likely they are ready to buy. Focus on getting their contact information and then put telemarketing to work on closing the sales.

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