Online Coupons & Sales a Hit for Back to School Shopping

Online coupons, offers and sales are a great way to take advantage of back to school shopping sales, some consumers are saying. Before Jackie Best and her daughters headed to Woodfield mall in Schaumburg to shop for back-to-school clothes, they did the kind of homework typical of most post-recession families. They researched prices online. Katie Best, 15, looked for cardigans and skinny jeans at …


Arizona Startup Empowers Businesses to Convert More Web Leads to Sales Faster

Get to your potential customers before the competition does.” This golden rule of sales has never been more important than online where competitors are only a click away. If your sales force is delayed 15 minutes in calling back a web lead, or worse the next day, then odds are your prospect has already contacted several competitors and may have even bought from someone else.


Coremetrics: Online shoppers with short attention spans demand fast, relevant online experience

I won’t scare you with a countdown to Christmas but, needless to say, it’s looming and online retailers who want to make it a profitable holiday season need to ensure they are giving consumers the shopping experience they demand or risk losing sales.