If you are looking for cheap blog writers and you want to outsource blog writing, the trick is to have a good system for managing blog writers, approving blog posts and quickly making minor blog post edits without any hassle.

Trust me, I have worked with blog writers for a long time and managing a network of outsourced blog writers can be challenging.

But exactly because of that experience with outsource blog writing I have built into the Buzzoodle Blogging platform for lead generation the ability to add a limited access writer.  This writer then posts articles that are then emailed to the blog editor and in one click and be approved or edited.  You do not even have to log into the system.  This means a busy business owner now has critical tools for managing the outsourced blog writing and ensuring the business brand is protected.

Of course, there is still the issue of deadlines for your blog writers and other publishing issues.  If you want a staff of outsourced blog writers writing for your lead generation blog then you can just upgrade in Buzzoodle and get a certain number of articles written for you each month.  Cheap blog writers that are good are not easy to find, so many people choose this reasonable option.