How do you pick which business blog software to use?

First, if you are choosing a solution for your business, you need to use business logic to decide.

What is the outcome you want?  Are you more concerned about having a big company support you?  Are you comfortable using consultants or outsourced people to build your business blog?  Is search engine ranking or relationships more important to you?

Ultimately, I believe that the best business blogging software to choose is WordPress for many reasons.

  1. Industry Standard Blogging System – Things do not become an industry standard by accident.  WordPress is excellent software, gets great business results and is supported by a huge open source community.
  2. Portability – If you use a consultant to set up your WordPress business blog, you will not be married to them.  You can easily move WordPress blogs from host to host.  Custom blogging platforms lock you in with one vendor.
  3. Flexibility – Admittedly not all WordPress plugins and WordPress themes are equally tested and professional, but there is a huge diversity of possible tools you can use to do exactly what you want with your business blogging software.
  4. Performance – Most SEO Experts agree that WordPress gets great search ranking results with only minor customization.  Why would you pay for business blogging software when there is better free business blogging software available?

Of course, there are ways to boost the performance of your corporate blogging software.  You can improve your call to action with a free WordPress lead generation theme and you can purchase a business blogging lead generation system like Buzzoodle Lead Generation to improve targeting, lead generation and business blog writing efforts.

There are a lot of things to consider when you are purchasing business blogging software.  Why not start out with the open source business blogging software and then go pay for different software later if you decide the open source lead generation system is not for you?