buzYou should always think like a publisher if you are hoping to build an audience or develop leads online.  For that reason, when I started working with a person helping me with business planning, I decided to create a planning document template instead of just emailing him a bullet list of my 90 day goals.  Now I have a free document planning template that I can give you – plus I am more organized.

You can download the planning document template free here – Business Planning Guide.   It is a Microsoft Word document.

The goal of this document is to know what your long term plans are, and also to set your weekly goals (1-2) which keep you on the path to completing your more complex goals.

Keep in mind I know I am not the first person to design this.  I have seen similar things from business coaches and consultants.  I only wanted to think through my own version and give you guys something with no opt-in, no catch, etc.

Feel free to modify this, share this, use it with clients, or do whatever you want, other than claim you are the originator.

Whether you need or like this document or not, also keep in mind the real lesson.  Any time you are working on something like this, you can use it as an opportunity to create information assets to share.

If you found this document useful – please share via one of the below social networks.  I appreciate it.