Additional Features

In addition to the monthly services, here is a breakdown of some of the key features.


We host your site for you.  Cloud hosting is done on Rackspace ($149 monthly value) while basic hosting is done on a lower cost hosting platform.

Content and Domain Ownership

Owning your domain and content can be a great asset for your business.  However, some clients prefer to not own the content or domain so that they do not need to monitor it, nor are they liable for the materials.

In addition to this, a website owned by someone other than your company that points back to your company website has more search credibility than another site owned by the same company.

It is important to consider your options on this and choose what is best for you.

Promotional Regions

Your site is designed as a high quality news magazine that attracts your target audience.  However, instead of competing for reader attention you have exclusive power for promotion.  And yes, you can sell or share these with others if you wish.  The regions are as follows:

  1. Banner at Top – 450px wide
  2. Side Bar Ad – 250px wide
  3. Sticky Article – Top article on home page should promote you and link to your site.
  4. Footer Ad – Same as Top Banner
  5. After Post – Additional Promotion that appears after every single post when viewed as a single article
  6. Interview – Interview with you along with Bio and picture and link to site
  7. RSS – If you have an RSS feed from another site your latest posts will appear in the sidebar of site.

At launch you do not need to have all promotional regions filled.  We will work with you to develop this over time.