Quality leads can be generated online without a doubt.  However, there is something of a problem if you are expecting huge numbers of leads and still want high level quality.

One of the best ways to generate quality leads is InBound Marketing such as what Buzzoodle helps you build.  This technique is as simple as publishing information that your quality leads would be out searching for and luring them to your site via search engines.

This is not a trick.  It is publishing good quality information that appeals to someone that is a quality lead and then offering them a way to become a lead of yours when they arrive at your site.

There are other great ways to generate quality leads online as well.  For example, I really like the Groupon model.  Groupon has the ability to generate many hundreds of leads quickly for you and the leads are very high quality.

The disadvantage is that they are picky with who they pick and you have to give great deals to generate the leads.

Ultimately you should have different ways to generate leads online.  This will help you have multiple steams of quality lead generation that helps your business grow.