SEO, lead generation, ppc, pp sale, etc etc, i need someone who’s really good at it.?


Where can i find someone who is a freaking rock star at SEO, ppc, affiliate programs type stuff, to promote my company when it gets up and running in a few weeks.

We’re a debt settlement company, and we thrive on leads. I know how to do this stuff, i’ve done it before successfully, i am in the process of building the website right now and implementing the affiliate program , which will have 3 total tiers including yourself as tier 1. we thrive on good qualified leads, and we’re willing to compensate very well.

I just really don’t have time to make that a focus, and it’s not something you can half-assuredly do. I have to run the company.

Of course, this person has to have been making 3-5k per month on their own with affiliate marketing type stuff, and SEO, adwords etc.

Find a way to contact me!

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Buzzoode is a system that can help you do all these things for yourself.  Lead Generation is something that can produce bigger results the more you do, so learning how to do it yourself and working the lead generation strategy will greatly increase your efficiency.

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I do SEO, PPC and landing page optimization. I have been in Internet Marketing for over 10 years.

I currently provide what you need with several companies on a minimal scale. I have actively been seeking an opportunity like the one you offer. We need to speak.

My toll free number in on my website.

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There is a website that you can go to that is supposed to show you some trick to get unlimited free adwords ads on google.

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