One of the reasons we developed our enterprise business blog software on WordPress is because search engines love WordPress.

WordPress is an open source blogging system that makes publishing easy.  It also has thousands of themes and plugins so you can do anything you need most of the time.

And it is free, which is a plus.

But business blogging software is software that has a business purpose, and online blogs built on WordPress are all too often hobby blogs.

The key to making WordPress into a powerful business blogging system is to make it a lead generation system.  This is simple with a clear call to action, good keyword targets and an enterprise blogging system that integrates into WordPress, such as Buzzoodle.

What makes the centralized blog management software so effective is that it helps you target keywords better, create more content faster, leverage linking tools that will improve indexing and SEO rank and finally also integrates social media platforms to distribute links and articles across many sites.