One of Buzzoodle’s custom services is to do an interview via skype and record it.  Then we leverage this content in to articles, transcripts, audio and video.

We follow a very particular format which I will detail here for people that have signed up for the service (contact us for details)

First, remember that the audio should be clean and be something that people can listen to.  So you want to be in a quiet location and not in front of the computer.  If you make a mistake, it is important to stop for a few seconds and then step back and rerecord the last comment so that it can be seamlessly cropped out.

Your interview will be a series of questions our staff will ask you.  You plan your own questions in advance and send them to us.

Each question should be something you can talk about for around 5 minutes, and the average length of our interviews are 15 to 20 minutes total, which means you need 3-4 questions.

To make sure you hit all your key points, you should do bullets under each question.  Each question and bullets will be used in the video, so think of each one as a PowerPoint slide.  Ideally you will have 4-6 bullets under each question.

Also, your questions and replies should target keyword phrases whenever possible, but not repeating the same keyword phrase more than once per paragraph.  Do not try to cram too many keywords into one interview.  Instead, look at having 2-3 phrases as your goal in a given session.

You will then get a transcription, several articles, audio and video when possible from your interview to use on your site, blog, Youtube and in other promotions.  This is the perfect promotional strategy for experts that are too busy to sit down and create all their content from scratch.