I get calls almost daily from people that want to start their own lead generation company.

First let me say that developing a successful lead generation company is a great idea.  Not matter whether the economy is up or down, lead generation companies are always going to be in demand.

There is one big downside to developing a lead generation company.  It is expensive to develop the leads in the first place.

Buzzoodle specializes in developing targeted inbound leads for companies where the leads are high value and a small number of leads are great for the company.  For example, many companies that get 1-2 calls or emails per week are thrilled because one lead is worth so much to them.  And if they get this lead exclusive (they did not buy it from a broker that is selling it to many people) then they have a much higher chance of closing the deal.

Where Buzzoodle does not thrive is helping people develop 100’s of leads per week to sell to multiple lead buyers.  To get that number of leads, you are going to have to do a lot of advertising and invest heavily in pay per click, cold calling and advertising.  Once you master the model, you should be able to squeeze a profit out of this.  But it is not as simple as setting up one website and attracting the occasional lead.  It is an entirely different animal.

So if you are starting a lead generation company I wish you the best of luck, but please do not call us thinking we can produce the numbers you need.  You are going to have to spend a massive amount of money to generate the leads for resale and it is not going to be easy, but it can be very lucrative once you perfect your model.

Keep in mind also that lead generation companies need to have a great CRM to capture and resell or assign leads to buyers.  We have a free 30 day trial of a lead generation CRM.  It is the leading product for lead generation companies that are selling leads after generating the leads.  Give it a try.