How do you generate targeted sales leads online?

There are certainly many ways, but the first thing you need to get clear on is what targeted leads look like.

For example, is a good targeted lead someone in a specific division of a specific company or is it anyone in a particular industry or is it just within a certain radius of your office?

Knowing what your targeted lead profile is will help you craft a better strategy and build yoour own lead generator.

For example, our Buzzoodle system is a good lead generator but it does not work evenly for everyone.  To be successful building online lead attraction sites you need to know who your target market is and what they are searching for online.  Sometimes they are not searching, in which case you should use a different strategy.

I like to tell people that a good fit for our system is a company that 1) Would have advertised in Yellow pages in the past or 2) Solves a clear problem that frustrates people (forcing them to research a solution online) or 3) A service that people do not need regularly but when they do need it they are likely to turn to the web.

So repairing a lawn mower will certainly be a good fit, but where to buy socks is not, because people do not need to look that up.

There are some vague areas that are not crystal clear on this kind of Inbound Marketing strategy.  For example, financial planners are not going to get a bunch of leads, but getting only a few a year that turn into sales may make the process worth while.

Also, MLM or Network Marketing leads are not always a good fit.  However, if someone hears about a product like this they often do research before buying and this can produce a very positive, targeted lead online.  My biggest issue with network marketing is that if your do not make enough on a few sales per month then it is probably not worth the investment.  This has less to do with a marketing style and more to do with your business model.

Targeted sales leads are not hard to generate online, but you will not always get huge volumes of leads.  So you need to make sure your investment is going to be a profitable one