I do not think that I am very popular when I tell someone that Internet Marketing never ends.  It does not end with site set up.  It does not end with blogging.  It does not end with link building.  It does not end with social media.

It only ends when you stop trying and say that is enough – and you will always still be leaving opportunity on the table.

There are simply too many options and as you master one, there is something else to do if you want to. 

A call to action is your attempt to generate leads from your website.  Your call to action may be a free report, request form for a demo or it may be a call to buy something on the web.

Sites without a clear call to action are more like children lost in the forest.  And that is how a visitor will feel also on your site if you do not make it clear how to take action.

Even when people do get all the other pieces in place and start generating good traffic, I often see that they are happy with their call to action and they do not keep testing different ones.

It is hard because to test it you either need to put a split test in place with custom software or you need to test one for a few weeks, track the data, and then test another one for a few weeks.

There are few things I like less than writing a long sales page – and those need tested as well.

If you want to throw some money at it and figure out which is the best call to action faster, then use adwords to drive more traffic and test the thing quicker.  Online lead generation works, but you have to test your call to action to find what people react to best.