We do get a lot of people joining our system to generate MLM leads.  Network marketing is a very common thing people struggle with and they want easier ways to generate MLM leads.

I usually discourage MLM business owners from signing up for a couple of reasons and here is why.

  1. Building an MLM lead generation website is not instant or easy.  I think it is easy, but I also know that I will work on it steadily for months before expecting some results.  Many MLM peopl want to get very fast results.
  2. Commitment – Many MLM business owners are not committed to a long term strategy.  Making a living off of any business you just started is hard, and many MLM’s are harder because you are getting a smaller portion of the sale.
  3. Profitability – If you are selling an MLM product that does not make you a significant amount of money, a lead generation website may not be worth your while.  These types of sites are successful when they produce steady, targeted low numbers of leads.  They are much harder to turn into a site that produces thousands of leads per month.

I do not want to make your decision for you.  The process we teach does work, but you have do decide if your particular situation makes the effort and costs worth it for you.