Successful lead generation starts with knowing your target audience.  Without that, it is impossible to target just the best leads for your organization.  This is a list of questions you should ask yourself about your target audience to see how well you know them.  Get more clarity around these and you will have much more successful lead generation in your future.

  1. How old is your target market?
  2. What gender is your target market?
  3. What do they care deeply about?  Profits?  Family? Freedom?
  4. Why do people in your target market buy from you?
  5. What kinds of searches does your target market do when they need your product or service?
  6. What is the biggest obstacle to selling to your target market?
  7. Where does your target market spend time online?
  8. Are there groups or forums that your target market hangs out in?

I am sure you can quickly come up with even more, but these are the kinds of questions you need to answer to improve your lead generation efforts.