If you have a blog that talks about homes, finance, or even insurance, or real estate, and are ready to start using it to create a passive income stream for yourself, then you need to pore yourself a cup of coffee and read this article. We are going to discuss how you can use your blog to generate online mortgage leads, and make money doing it.

How Does This Work?

The fact is, there are thousands of people every month searching the internet for new home mortgage financing. All you have to do is write content on your blog that will attract them to you. Once they are on your web site, you will politely direct them to fill out a form for more information. When they fill out this form they are giving you a mortgage lead. Finance companies pay dearly for these mortgage leads, especially if they are an aged mortgage lead. These companies will also pay you for any mortgage insurance leads you might be able to drum up.

What’s the Trick to Mortgage Lead Generation?

There isn’t really a trick. There is a process called search engine optimization, or SEO, that will help your blog post, that is trying to generate these mortgage leads, show up higher in the search results. To do this, you will determine which phrases your target market, the ones you want to get the aged mortgage leads from, are using to look for the financing. This term might be something along the lines of, “Online Mortgage Refinancing”. This is called your keyword phrase, and you will target it with your post by using the keyword in the title, as well as a few times within the post itself.

Once you have decided on the best keyword to use, and have written your targeted blog post, you then go to the company that will pay you for the mortgage leads you generate, and get the online form for your readers to fill out. Insert the form into your blog, let the company collect the mortgage lead from the reader, and you just sit back and attract leads that are looking for you.