Recently I wrote a whole book using speech recognition on my windows desktop machine.  It took me about 4 hours.  Within 24 hours I had the book published on Amazon and available for purchase.

voice-recognitionFor those people that have trouble producing regular content, this is an excellent way to write your blog posts, write papers, or reports or write a book.  In fact I am using a it to write this blog post.  It is absolutely not perfect.  I speak a few words at a time and keep an eye on the text to make sure there aren’t a lot of typos.  This speeds up a content creation while keeping the quality high.  Most people try this once and give up because it seems too difficult.  It is not magical but it does speed up your content creation.

I don’t always use voice recognition for content creation but if I want to do something longer it does help me get more done.

When I decided to write another book I really wanted to get it done quickly.  The book was actually more of a promotional device than real book that I expected to make the Best Sellers list.  Having it written and published in less than 24 hours would not a been possible had it not been for speech recognition.

You probably think you need something like Dragon Dictation, which is very good, but you don’t.  Speech recognition is built right into your PC.  You simply go to control panel, accessibility, speech recognition and turn it on.  Then you can open a word document and put the cursor where you want and start talking in short clear bursts of words.

I also like using transcription if I do interviews and that is usually a manual process where I hire someone at oDesk to do the transcription for me.  One content creation technique is simply not going to cover every possible situation.  You have to find what works best for you and stick to it so that you can create quality content for people and attract leads to your company.

One of the keys to success with voice recognition blog writing is to create an outline before you begin writing so you know what you’re going to stay in your article makes more sense to readers.  You can even create a Q and A style post where you write out the questions in advance and then speak the answers in order to create a real high quality blog post that has value to your readers.

The biggest mistake people make with voice recognition is that they speak too quickly and expect it to be 100% perfect when in fact it works much better if your speaking short bursts, reading as you go along, and correcting small mistakes.  It will speed up your content creation, possibly improve your spelling, and make content creation less of a chore.  But don’t give up on the first try because it gets much easier the more you do it.  There are lots of ins and outs to using speech recognition to improve the quality of your content and speed up your quality content creation.

Online marketing and lead generation is driven by publishing quality content on your website or blog frequently.  This is one technique that will help you achieve better results in less time.  Give it a try and good luck.