There are more ways to generate leads online than I can list in this brief article.  However, let me try to illustrate some of the most common lead generation strategies for you so that you can think about which one or two are best for you to start with.

1)  SEO – Getting ranked in the top few spots of search engines can produce steady traffic to your site and good, targeted leads.  That is our specialty.  Buzzoodle uses WordPress lead generation techniques to rank well and produce steady articles which produce steady leads.

2) Landing pages with Adwords – Set up landing pages and drive traffic to them to collect leads.  The good thing about this is it is faster to get started but it may cost you a lot until you get the right ads and the right landing page copy in place.

3) List building – build an email list with a free give away and use an autoresponder to follow up with people and eventually get to the point they want to talk to you.

These are just three ways to do online lead generation.  You may look into social media and other forms as well.  They can all work well but to different degrees based on the product and the competition in your marketplace.