What are a couple proven methods to generate leads for an individual realtor’s site?


I have read many blogs, some were good like RealEstateMarketingBlog.org, and some were a waste of time. I am already familiar with PPC and SEO, but these two methods seem to be dwindling in terms of lead generation online.

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The problem may be having too high of expectations for SEO.  It often takes months to get ranked well and the competition is growing all the time.  However, search volume is not going down, so how could lead generation via SEO?

The real key to successful online lead generation is not to assume one thing is going to solve all your problems.  Just like going to one netoworking event is not going to solve all your networking and referral needs.

I wish I had a magic pill to sell you, but I have not found it yet.

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I helped a friend of mine with SEO to promote his real estate business and he now gets 10-12 leads a week. It took some time though (6 months) for all the SEO pieces to work out. If you properly target your SEO you should have no problem.
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Here are some free web marketing tips.

Not all web marketing needs to cost money. Aside from website submissions, there are a number of things that web marketers can do that are free, though they may be rather time-consuming. Other marketing tactics are relatively inexpensive, and are often well worth the investment.

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Put up a “lead generation page” and list it for “local search”.

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